Robin and went out on a quick "Date" last night to one of the SF’s small Art House movie places, The Little Roxie in the Mission.  We saw "CSA: The Confederate States of America" [IMDB] a Spike Lee film where we see what life might have been like had the South won the "War of Northern Aggression."  CSA is well worth seeing/renting not just to support small indie films, but because it is pretty good.  The movie weaves actual historical events in with the "What-if’s" of the South winning the war.  For instance, Kennedy is a "Republican" who is a closet abolitionist and Watts was a slave uprising. It is one of those mockumentary type films that just seems WAY to over the top, but then at the end you realize that many of the spoof "commercials" that seemed unrealistic, were all too true.  For instance, I had forgotten that Sambo restaurants were still around in MY lifetime.

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