Okay, so I was REALLY bored on a flight sometime this past year and came up with this list of, dare I say, witty back-handed critiques of the the whole Postmodern, BoBo, Emergent culture.  Before the socioeconomic and cultural critiques begin, I confess that I am firmly entrenched in the postmoderniness of life . . . whatever that means 😉

Top 10’ish Ways you may
be able to tell you just might be one of those :: "Postmodern" :: "Emergent" ::
"BoBo" :: "Cultural Creative" :: religious folks.*

  1. You can’t believe that some idiot would actually have the audacity and arrogance to try and come up with a “Top 10 ways you may be able to tell you are “Postmodern” list."
  2. You currently have at least three types of screens on your person right now: computer monitor, LCD projector, TV, mp3 player, phone, PDA, etc.
  3. You use the words “Context” “Like” or “Dude” way too much!
  4. Contrary to what your parents told us we actually can watch TV, listen to the Radio, IM and be productive all at the same time! And if it happens in a café with free WiFi while you are sucking down an iced fair-trade triple mocha, all the
  5. You can watch “Wedding Crashers” “Dogma” and “Hotel Rwanda” and find some level of meaning, affirmation and satisfaction in all of them.
  6. At conferences you wonder to yourself, “Tell me again, why are we starting off by thanking all these people even before we know them or eachother?”
  7. You have sent an eMail to a roommate, spouse, partner or family member who is sitting right next to you.
  8. When filling out a form asking to self identify you usually have one of the following responses, “All of the above” or “Don’t try to put me in a box.”
  9. You have said at least one of the following phrases, “What do you mean you don’t check your eMail every day?” “Spiritual, but not religious” “Let’s have a beer and talk about God” “You should definitely put this movie in your Queue” or “Can you beam that to me?”
  10. You TOTALLY believe there is a capitol “T” spiritual Truth, but no one better dare try to tell you what it is or give you the 7 steps to finding it.
  11. Boys, you identify with at LEAST one of the following traits: goatee, untucked button down dress-shirt, black square-toed shoes, jeans in worship, hair product, well-groomed, and/or ipod. (While there are always exceptions, in my experience, women are not NEARLY as outwardly shallow in their need to exhibit their bright shiny postmodern plumage.)
  12. You are done with trying to make the world seem calm, organized and simple; rather you are simply trying to find some peace, meaning and stability amidst the reality of a world of constant chaos and transitions.
  13. You think this list is somewhat creative and you can’t wait to add it to your blog or pass it on to a friend via eMail or IM.

 * If any of these terms
are unknown, just flex your Google muscles!

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