06_immigration_1_2On May 1 my oldest daughter, Evelyn (9 going on 30), and I participated in the Immigrant’s Rights march that took place in various cities around the country.  She is such a wonderfully thoughtful and caring kid just makes me weep with cheesy-Kodak-moment-daddy tears 😉  We have been at marches before, but this is the first one where the connection to the "Issue" was not so clear for her.  So the questions for me was, how to teach the concept of "Solidarity"  in a relevant way for a 9-year-old.  I figured we would just talk along the march route and talk we did.  We had some GREAT conversations about being in "Solidarity" with people because their situations effect our own, even if we don’t always see it.  I THINK she understood for the most part.  We talked about her own immigrant story: the struggles of her Filipino and Chinese great-grandparents around where they had to work, what laws were in place, etc.  She was particularly interested in the "Paper Son"   experience of my Chinese side.  As she started getting a little tired we also talked about the "sacrifice" that was important to show our support . . . not sure she completely bought that one, but she was a trooper.  If you want to see more pics [CLICK HERE].

For a very serious look at immigration problems from the North, check out Jason Jones’ report from the Daily Show, "Law and Border".

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