VERY interesting, not much buzz around this past week’s sermon on Wealth and Poverty.  I will admit that it was not quite as "Sexy" as the previous week’s sermon on Sexuality (oops, used the word to describe itself) and the  questions that followed, but save a few nice comments from Phil (And by the way if you missed the photo montage that Phil put together with the David LaMotte song, Butler Street, ya missed out.) there has been very little rumbling.  I even thought the delivery wasn’t nearly as bad as last week. But still, pretty much nada.  I can think of a few reasons/challenges regarding this . . .

  1. I still can’t "deliver a sermon" my way out of a wet paper bag and no one could really understand what the heck I was trying to say . . . AGAIN;
  2. Folks were still reeling from the previous week and just kept waiting for me to say something controversial like, "What Jesus fails to appreciate is that it’s the meek who are the problem." (Reg, from "Life of Brian")
  3. Issues of wealth and poverty are so deeply rooted in our particular context that it just seems overwhelming insurmountable and/or we are still too distant to really grasp deep in our spirits the effects of and possible ways we can deal with root issues of poverty.

Just to make myself feel good I am going with some version of #3.  I do think overall this will be our most difficult issues to deal with at all levels of our being, individually and corporately.  We will need to move from a posture around our wealth of just feeling bad, not feeling anything or feeling paralyzed and be able to look at how we can faithful make the journey of transformation.  Baby steps, faithful steps, etc.  Next week . . . Religious Pluralism, Jesus is THE way or A way?

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