For all you critics of the so-called, "Emergent Movement" here is something that is just going to give you more fuel for the fire. "What do you mean there is no Doctrinal Statement?!?!??!?"  And for some of you who are feeling this is the real deal, you are going to LOVE this note from Tony Jones regarding the official Emergent Doctrinal Statement
Here is a great excerpt from the note taken from LeRon Shults’ note to Emergent, "This does not mean, as some critics will assume, that Emergent does not
care about belief or that there is no role at all for propositions. Any
good conversation includes propositions, but they should serve the
process of inquiry rather than shut it down. Emergent is dynamic rather than static, which means that its ongoing intentionality is (and may it ever be) shaped less by an anxiety about finalizing statements than it is by an eager attention to the dynamism
of the Spirit’s disturbing and comforting presence, which is always
reforming us by calling us into an ever-intensifying participation in
the Son’s welcoming of others into the faithful embrace of God."

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