Img_0111So . . . as the clock strikes midnight every Sunday PM, I have decided to UNPLUG *GASP*  for at least 24 hours.  No I am not sick again (But thanks for caring.)  I am merely trying a new spiritual discipline by actually taking a day off from church and disengaging from the Internet.  I know shouldn’t be that difficult, but so much of my life filters via my computer that I have found it more difficult than I would have thought. 

A couple of things got me thinking about this. 

One . . . a few weeks ago after not answering eMail for a a few hours, someone actually called to see if i was okay.
Two . . . because of the very fact that that I have to INTENTIONALLY NOT get on-line, it is probably a good idea for me to do so.

So . . . after I get done cramming last eMails until 11:59 on Sunday PM, I turn off.  So far it has been great, seen a couple movies, did some journaling (With this strange things called a Pen and Paper.), have been working out again and have just laid around an done nothing.  I figure there are 6 other days in the week to do my official Kingdom work, but at least for one day I will start taking care of the getting older every day body, mind and spirit.

So, if you NEED to get in touch with me, you’ll have to use that phone thingy or just wait until Tuesday.  See ya in 24 😉

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