Kind of of an odd thing happened this week . . . but I guess not in cyberworld, I was recently asked to be a Guest Blogger for this new site called Asian Pacific Americans for Progress, this grassroots, online community.  They hoped to get the some views from an Asian American Christian voice.  Since secular political progressives can just sometime be mean, do this with some trepidation.  I just posted my first rant over there about the visibility of the Progressive Asian American Christian in the political discourse, so will will see.

Here is a snippet . . . you can read the whole things [HERE]

Let’s see, could I choose a more complex issue for my first post
here on APAP? Well probably . . . but this topic leaves us plenty to
chew on. When asked to try being part of the Blog Team, I had a few
misgivings about being the freaky "Religious" guy of the crew, but
alas, I thought I would give it a try because SURELY I am not the only
one out there trying to make sense of the chaos that is the Progressive
Asian American Christian from here on known as "PAACs."

I will post
on a variety of topics as appropriate, but let me just start the
conversation by tossing out some general thoughts about why we are so
FRIGGIN’ INVISIBLE in the progressive political discourse.

this list is not exhaustive nor do I speak for all PAACs yada yada
yada, just some things that have been rumbling around . . .
The Asian American Christian voice is virtually invisible with in the progressive political discourse because . . .

Peace all,

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