I hate being sick!  Save the hypochondriacs in our midst, I am not inferring that that anyone REALLY loves being sick, but I REALLY do hate it.  Not only does it zap all control away from life, but it is a not so subtle reminder of the fragility of our bodies.  As I recover from a few days of Stomach Flu that has totally laid me out (Am get getting sleepy just typing this and looking at my list of unanswered eMails.) I have been waxing philosophically about why.  As I have made friends with Mr Toilet (TMI?) over the past few days, I could not help but hear my "Aunties" from my home church saying, "Maybe this is just God telling you to slow down."  No offense to my well meaning Aunties, but is that good theology?  Would we say that to someone who had an even more serious sickness?  I am sure they wouldn’t but this is a very serious path to travel.  While there are certainly times when our pace of life can lead to a breakdown in our immune systems and make us vulnerable to sickness, I don’t think it is God who does it TO us, rather our own doing that can SOMETIMES lead to sickness.  But even that does not always explain sickness.  Sometimes it just is what it is: a child brings it home, the flight, etc.  For some reason though we always want to know WHY.  I have never really been the type to ask why, I have much more been the type to ignore it until it goes away. If I could treat the symptoms enough for me to make it through the day I was good to go.   But sicknesses that require proximity to the restroom are not so easy to treat.  I think the lessons from being sick this time, at least for me have been: don’t fight it, let the eMails pile up, sleep like a dog and remember that it can’t go on forever.  And in a nod of respect to me Aunties, yes, maybe it is a sign to slow down.

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