So . . .  I am doing some writing and am trying to come up with some of the most widely held assumptions, critiques, myths, understandings about the Postmodern and Emergent church culture.  I am especially interesting in hearing from those who would consider themselves highly critical/suspicious of this "movement."  — Don’t worry we can still be friends 😉   If you are Presbyterian, please let me know as I am trying to frame some responses to my PC(USA) familia as well as some larger audiences.

So far I have . . .

  • The Postmodern church is not interested in the TRUTH of God.
  • One can BECOME a Postmodern;
  • Postmodern = generational;
  • Postmodern church = church growth fad;
  • Postmodernism is a rejection of all things traditional;
  • Postmodern can be defined.
  • Postmodern = method;
  • Postmodernism is just repackaging old ritual
  • The Postmodern discourse is just the playground of elite, white, male, conservative zealots;

Other assumptions, critiques, etc. that you hold or that you have heard? 
Thanks in advance!

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