This past Father’s Day my oldest Daughter, Evelyn*, gave me a gift that gave me pause.  In a neatly wrapped, colorfully  decorated, recycled CD case was the following poem,

"Dad AKA Daddy"
My dad is nice
My dad is cool
My dad talks to me
My dad preaches
My dad is Bruce
My dad is understanding
My dad is active
My dad is amazing
He is mine
    – Love Evelyn

Now you all know that I am a crier anyway, but this is just too sweet, and I get weepy just readin it.  As I thought about what to do with this gift, here are some ideas that I have had . . .

  • Blow it up and hang it in the girls’ room for them to remember whenever they are cussing me under their breath;
  • Make a pocket-sized sign so I can pull it out during fights and say, "See what a cool, nice amazing dad you have!"
  • Tattoo it on my arm  . . . or better yet, their foreheads;
  • Make calling cards for the girls to hand out to prospective suitors . . . when they are 30, of course;
  • Ahhhh . . . the possibilities.

Well, since Robin is against the whole "Tattoo thing" I guess I have to settle for just being a cool dad for a moment.  I know at some point, they will come to the crashing realization that their dad and mom are not perfect (As if they have not already, let me dream!).  Parenting these days, is so complex that at the best of times I just thank God for the glimpses of life when we not only, "Do no harm" but might actually do some good.  An likewise, when we just plain mess things up, I rest in the same knowledge we are not perfect, but God loves us anyway . . . whew.

* Ev did give me permission to publish both the story and her poem.  Picture is of Evelyn on her first day of Kindergarten now 4 years ago.

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