Over the past few weeks I have been reliving my childhood as my three daughters, and I have been watching the entire original "Speed Racer" series created by Tatsuo Yoshida. With images of "The Most Dangerous Race," "The Girl Daredevil, " and "The Fastest Car on Earth" moving through my head, I again remember that Speed Racer ROCKS!

Speed  Racer has always been a kind marker for me for a few reasons:

  • This was the show that I watched just before leaving for school each day during my Elementary years.  When it was over, I left for school  To this day, at the end of each episode, I begin looking for my lunch 😉
  • When Robin and I first started dating, I was acting a fool and singing the Speed Racer song while driving, JUST as a Highway Patrol officer pulled up along side of me and motioned me to slow down . . . I still get teased for that.
  • For those of you who know Robin, doesn’t she remind you of Trixie?  Nature or Nurture, Nature or Nurture . . . hmmmm?!?!?!?

I will just assume that everyone who has ever seen Speed Racer has experienced the deep spiritual transformation that the series intends, but for those of you who have not, let me tell you why Speed Racer has particular meaning for me and offers some valuable lessons for the world.

Everyone needs a theme-song: Come one, how sweet would it be for everyone to know your name, the name of your car and that you will also ways "see it though."  Makes me wonder what mine would be . . . what would your’s be?

Everyone needs a Mach 5:  Move over Knight Rider, but the Mach 5 would kick your butt, talking or not 😉  The Mach 5 could jump over canyons, help you breath under water, and go real fast.  I don’t even remember what sorry ole Kit did.  Amazingly, I don;t think that the Mach 5 ever broke down . . . reliable and steady, if only all of our equipment would do the same.

Everyone Needs a "Racer X": As you know Racer X was Speed’s older brother, the "Prodigal Son" if you will.  Always there to protect Speed even when Speed didn’t want to be protected.  X put Speed’s safety above his own without any expectation of anything in return, only that Speed become the faster racer in the world.  Okay, loses a little power in his final goal for Speed, but his motivation is honorable.

Everyone needs to remember:
Evelyn and I have been having discussions about "Traditions" and why they are important.  We have been naming ones that exist even when we don’t know, but would be pained to do without.  She has some traditions with her Godmother (For you Presbyterians, her "Sponsor.") that she has begun to cherish.  We also began to name them for our family:

  • The way our family says grace by each person giving thanks for something that day;
  • The way we greet extended family with a kiss on the cheek making sure to start with the oldest in the room.
  • Stories at night, Yogurt at the mall, Spam Masubi w/dad . . .

And now we add watching Speed Racer in dad’s office while he works!  As "unimportant" as this is, it really has been cool to watch these again with the kiddos.  I am amazed at how captivated they are by the animation and the stories.  I am also amazed at how much of my brain has been storing up memories of Speed Racer all these years.  Kind of scary, but in a nostalgic, comforting, cozy sort of way. Go Speed Racer Go . . . .

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