Hi my name is Bruce and I am an "Early Adopter." I admit it, I love to try new things; the latest and greatest.  I am fascinated at the possibilities of where technology may take us as individuals and communities; basically I jump right into things and see where the journey may take me.  And before you assume that it is just a case of SHINY THINGS or a short attention space. . . oh look a bird . . . cool ring tone . . . now what was I talking about??????;-)

With this in mind, I have tried a bunch of different ways to engage in this whole idea of Internet Social Networking via blogging, networking sites, photo sharing, IM, etc.  I have definitely found my favorites but was wondering what others use.

Here are my fav’s, would love to know where/how others get connected and the good, bad and the ugly for any services you have used.



Sharing of stuff

Now, yes, I KNOW there are tons of other services out there, thus this post.  Thanks in advance . . . there’s that bird again.

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