Welcome Derrick and Nick!

This week Mission Bay Community Church welcomes two seminary interns from that highly regarded theological institution knows as San Francisco Theological Seminary, located in San Anselmo, CA.  SFTS, as it is known on the street, is a is one of 10 Presbyterian Church (USA) seminaries, one of the nine theological schools affiliated with the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, and from where yours truly graduated about 11 years ago . . . all before the new fangled Internets thing began?  Can you believe that we didn’t even use eMail back then?!?!?!?

You will, of course, have plenty of time over the next nine months to get to know them, but let me quickly intro them.  Please also take some time to check out there Blog Bios.

Derrick Weston [Blog Bio]

Derrick is a 3rd year student at SFTS and orginally from
Pittsburg, PA.  Derrick will be working in general ministry, but will
focus on getting our Mission and Service area up and going.  He has a background in Film, is married and plays the Bass!   

Nick Larson [Blog Bio]

Nick is a 2nd year student at SFTS and is from West Lafayette, IN.  Nick will also be engaged in general pastoral ministry and will
focus on Spirual Formation and our growing children/youh program.  Nick is also married, has a back ground in IT and will be helping us get video/audio onto the web.

As part of the internship, MBCC will provide a context for them to experience ministry in a new way.  MBCC provides them with supervision, opportunities for reflection, a small stipend and all the witty banter they can handle.  Each will preach about 4-6 times over the next nine months as well as provide pastoral care as needed and share with us some of the learning from their time in seminary. 

While we certainly have some things to teach, it is my hope that MBCC will be a place where, like we always strive to be, we are able to be taught by one another.  With their experiences and our context, I expect this to be a mutually beneficial experience for us all.   I am exited to welcome these new colleagues to the community.  Treat them well . . .


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