Our Church has just launched a NEW WEBSITE  and we are hoping to get some feedback.  In this latest version of the online "Face" of Mission Bay Community Church we have tried to capture the faithful, yet quirky nature of our community, blending conviction, humor, authenticity and relevance.

We would appreciate getting your feedback about the site.  I think it will take about 10-15 minutes to get through the site.  After you do so we would love to get your comments via this post or you can fill out our brief 10 Question Survey.

While we would appreciate everyone’s input we are most interested in getting feedback from folks who fit the following characteristics.

  • are not attending any church, but might be open to the possibilities;
  • live in the san francisco bay area or at least live in an urban/metro context;

We would also be interested in the same kinds of folks who are . . .

  • Church Professionals
  • Seminary Students
  • Current Church Goer’s

If you would help spread the word as well as take some time to explore the site and fill out the survey yourself, that would be great.  You could even just pass along thoughts/concerns to me and I’ll make sure the Design Crew gets all comments.


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