Okay, don’t freak out all my Xtian Bro’s and Sista’s!  Jesus will still be in the house . . . but if you are interested in a new way of doing and being Christian Community, here is a network/event that you might be interested in checking out.  It is called the "Mysitcal Church Network" and they are meeting on Louisville, Ky November 16-18.   They
will be staying and Shekinah & The Center For Integral Spirituality and the
schedule includes a lot of different spiritual practices – meditation, yoga,
dancing, shared meals and incredible conversation.   The purpose of the network
is to cultivate inward spiritual transformation that gets lived out in creative
pastoral leadership. Your food and housing are covered, so you would just need to pay to get

I have attached a PDF Document with its hopes/plans but if you want more info please contact Jud Hendrix – one solidly creative Presbyterian pastor guy.  If you can make it, tell him Bruce sent you.  I think I win something 😉
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