We began day two with the West Coasters draggin out of bed and an ungodly hour.  As we did our check-in I was reminded what a gift it is to be able to share with trusted colleague the joys and struggles of life and ministry.  While we are clearly a diverse group of folks in experience and personality, there was something VERY holy about the act of faithfully checking in.
After engaging in an exercise of decision-making was more like herding a flock of cats, we then headed out to South Beach for lunch, some beach time and dinner.  What great fun.  Many interesting outfits that my daughters will NEVER be allowed to wear.  South Beach definitely has a "Miami" feel per the TV/Hollywood image.  No . . . we have yet to see David Caruso.  After lunch and before hitting the beach Howard, Andy and I stopped at a sports bar to watch the OAKLAND A’s win game one of the American League Division series, 3-2.  After just a little bit of gloating, we hit the beach for more some sun.  Dinner was had a Tap Tap, a great Haitian Restaurant.
The biggest reflection of the day for me is that the gift of LAUGHTER mixed in with some good relationship-building is truly a gift.  This group easily shifts from laughing about something really stupid to conversations about ministry and life and back again.  Again, what a gift.
Discovery of the day . . . that even if we wanted to play, not of the boys got any game left 😉
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