While I realize that some who are further evolved than myself believe that print media is dead, I say NO!  There is nothing like sitting at home or the local cafe with a cup of fair-trade coffee reading the local rag or cleverly titled magazine.  Not only do you get to hear the cool sound of paper rattling as you lean back and flip the paper in half, but you never know what conversations will erupt when someone sees you reading the latest edition of Skin Ink*.

Just for kicks here is what is you will find in hard copy in our home, in no particular order . . .

Wow . . . maybe Print Media is not dead, but we sure have done our part to make sure some trees are . . . I am sure they are all printed on recycled material.  Anyway . . .

* While I do have some INK, I do not subscribe to this magazine nor to I encourage any minors to rebel against the oppressive power of "The Man" by getting Inked.  This goes double for my daughters.

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