It has been quite interesting in that over the past few weeks, I have struck up four new conversations about getting folks engaged in blogging as part of their ministry.  Folks are setting up their blogs, figuring out what to use it and otherwise, diving right in.  Blog on mighty Presbyterians, blog on!

I have already given my plug for for one’s bookmarking and subscriptions, but I also want to put in a plug for Google Reader (Google Read Blog).  This is the way I keep up with all the blogs I like to read.  For those of you just starting out (man, I sound like an old man, "Back in my day we used rocks to IM!") I would highly recommend this gadget.  Google Readers is simple and clean and is especially convenient if you already use Google as your personalized homepage. 

Here are a couple of posts reviewing the different readers:

Now if you think that Google is turning into a a monster . . . that is a different issue.

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