The past year or so as I have been blogging and building up relationships and connections via the blogging community, I have always wanted to know why some people blog.  I also have been wanting to record exactly why I believe this is such a worthwhile endeavor for me as well as whoever may stumble upon my blog.

The short answer . . .

welcome to one more seriously absurd addition to the world of ego-driven blogs, aptly characetized after a person who thinks he/she/it can add something to the complex discourse on life, culture, faith and baseball.

As you casually wander through my posts, it is my sincere hope that I have found something that you can use. And despite the fact that I was an incredibly cute child – see above picture + my mommy said I was – I really do offer all this info with a spirit of humility and a genuine hope to add something positive to the the complex conversation/s of life.

The longer answer about why I blog is three-fold:

  1. social/political/cultural/spiritual networking :: It is my hope to provide a place where one can find SOMETHING that will be helpful to the complex journey of life’s discernment process be it spiritual or not. My hoped for “aha!”/”wow!”/”cool!”/”sweet!” reaction or simple “exhale” may come through a referenced website, blog, any number of random links/thoughts that I may include.
  2. niche/expertise claiming :: One of the “blog rules” is to become an “expert” on something and then blog away. If this is true then I wish to claim the following expertise/niche: “husband, father, son, grandchild, brother, 3rd generation filipino/chinese american, pastor, mediocre guitarist and drummer, oakland a’s FANatic, motorcycle enthusiast and total postmodern, culturally creative BOBO-fied emergent Presbyterian follower of Jesus” So, the other three of you, out there, “you’re welcome” 😉
  3. personal/spiritual growth :: I will be the first to own the fact that despite our greatest intentions, most of us who live/blog/connect online, have a slightly cocky/arrogant edge about what we bring to the table. For me and others, all of this is not simply an exercise in narcissism, but a spiritual discipline that allows us a medium to integrate our passions, gifts, personalities and dreams in the hopes of somehow bettering the world. Toss in a little witty banter, occasional controversy and some great relationships; and viola, we hopefully move a little closer to becoming who God intends for us to be as individuals and communities!

So there you have it, Why Bruce blogs in a nutshell.  It is kind of therapeutic to intentioanlly rationalize why I blog.  I feel so much better now.  What’s your story?

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