Sorry for the cheesy parent illustrations . . . . but, in the past week, the girls have left me with some great quotes . . .

"He’s the one who wanted to change all the rules." – Abby, 5
She said this in response to us asking her if she knew who Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was.  Girl is deep!

" . . . it’s my job not to listen to you." – Evelyn, 24 10
This is how the conversation went as I noticed that my first born baby is started to grow up.  I took her sweet face in my hands and said,
"Sweetie, please do not grow up too fast."
"Daaaaaaaaaaaaad" complete with eye-rolling.
"Ev, you know it’s my job to keep you my baby forever."
‘Dad, you know it’s MY job not to listen to you."

"I DON’T LOVE DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!" – Annie, 3
Screamed, no bellowed at me this am as I made Annie eat breakfast while watching TV before heading off to school.  The nerve.  We later made up, I think she likes me again.

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