Pretty excited this AM as I get ready to head off to the Mainline Emergent/s conversation here in the freakin’ cold South. What’s up with that?!?!?!?  Anyway, couldn’t help but have a few giggles when I opened my window and realized what a view I have from my window.  Yes, that’s right, the Decatur Cemetery there to greet me every day.  Now nothing against the dead folks, but come on that is funny . . . morning saints!

But life rings abundant here in Decatur as I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting some new folks.  So nice to go to a church event where the main topics is NOT, "Boohoo . . . we’re dying!"  Smell a little desperation anyone?  It is also is interesting to go to these emergent gatherings because I am not longer one of those whiny, complaining young pastors.  In fact, like my experience in SF where it’s liberal context makes me downright moderate, at times in the midst of the Postmodern/Emergent church conversation, I feel a tad bit stogy holding on to some of the establishment/institutional values.  Well, h-e-double-hockey-sticks, so be it!   I am almost to my late 30’s so I will claim my cardigan sweater, 8:00pm bedtime and grunting.  Just like in SF where I would vote for emancipatory progress but not anarchy, I think the Emergent Movement must find it’s middle road from where the body of Christ can have a sense of forward-movement, stability and peace in the midst of the storms of the world.  I think the conversations that will be had this week around the mainline churches will be pretty darn meaningful as we move towards that place . . . now that is life!

I think I am supposed to be live blogging as well, but since I also like to interact with actual humanoid organisms in a face-to-face manner, I’ll blog as the moments present themselves or I the humans being to bore me 😉

Hey if you are at the Emergent Event and are online as well, IM me (brucereyeschow – AIM or YIM)  I’m the one with the laptop, goatee, trendy glasses, good hair, snarky demeanor and a love for Jesus.  Damn . . . there are like a billion of us here 😉

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