Touched down in the Atlanta  yesterday a day before the beginning of the first Mainline Emergent/s event at Columbia Seminary in Decatur, GA.   Nothing major to report other than there are trees here it is too cold to be the South and there is no no Target between the ATL Airport and Decatur.

Over the next fews days may plans are to:

  • Do a little live blogging so my church knows I am actually doing some productive.  After my last trip to the Transformation Conference in Las Vegas, I think they are getting suspicious;
  • Check out and Yelp about the local cool/hip/trendy cafe(s) like JavaMonkey;
  • Catch up with some of my favorite pastor friends and try not engage in the "Who’s a edgier pastor . . ." contest, though I would sooooooooo win!

Signing off for now from the ATL!

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