So in front of our church, we have this pretty cool sign.  It is the kind that the movie theaters use for their movie posters.  At night it is backlit so so it stands out in the dark.  Kind of like a more hip neon cross 😉

A few weeks back it stopped working and we could not figure out why.  Practically every day (at least it seemed that way) someone would send me an eMail letting me know the sign was not lit.  I complained to the landlord because a fuse had blown some days earlier.  I complained to the installers of the sign because we thought the bulbs might have burned out.  I complained to God because one more trivial thing such us this was JUST what I needed to use up my "valuable pastor time."  I whined and moaned, gnashed some teeth for good measure and still no relief.  Surely someone had it out for me because this little administrative/facility issues was becoming a serious pain in the butt! 

That was until God decide to be funny.  Ha ha God!  You are sooooooo friggin funny!  God is up there laughing his/her proverbial pants off right now because I am such an idiot.  Once again humanity shows how blind we can truly be.  There seems to be this little thing on our wall labeled "Sign On/Off Switch"  What idiot put that there?

So in closing your honor, I think we should change the rule about one should not assume because it makes an ASS out of U and ME to, one should not assume because Bruce is stupid.


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