Openidlogo Lately I have been seeing some interesting postings about  OpenID, this digital system that centralizes all of one’s online identity.  Of course being the proud early adopter that I am, I am trying it out to see if it helps me keep centralized, claim my eIdentity, etc.  You can find out more by going to but there are lots of posts/sites out there out there: openidenabled, myopenid, etc.  It seems to me that there are two huge upsides to this:

  1. More sites (Soon to include typepad.) will be going to this OpenID sign-in process.  Now you will be able to generate one set of secure and verified user names, passwords, info, etc.
  2. All YOUR stuff is in one place, no more having to re-list everything in multiple places, now you just say go to My ClaimID.
  3. If you have a common name you can claim what is exactly about you.  No more getting confused with that other Bruce Reyes-Chow nut-job in Australia who makes his money converting kangaroos to early 1700’s Calvinism . . . sorry, pretty random example 😉

I am going to play with this a bit and then see if it starts to catch on.  I personally am using, but there are plenty more.  Here is a good post about the entire process as well as a post by Simon Willison that seems to be standard.

YelpIn addition to being one more new thing to try out, I actually think this might save some time . . . unlike my latest online addiction over at Yelp, that may provide a service but not much else.   God Yelp me, I think I need a self-Yelp group!

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