PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, this is the day when the GREATEST SPORT EVER begins again.  Hope and optimism reign as 25 men go out and play a child’s game, baseball!

3:30 today the A’s begin their 2006 American League West Championship Defense against those Seattle Mariners who we OWNED last year.

I just love this game.  Baseball as a metaphor for life I say: self, community, perseverance, strategy, integrity, OBP, the brushback, the hit and run, the 100mph fastball, 12-6 Hook and long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days

My 2007 Predictions:
American League

  • West // A’s, though the Angels look pretty tough.
  • Central // Minnesota has my heart, though Detroit and Cleveland could be good.  And don’t we all just hope KC can get better than Junior Varsity level . . . oops was that out loud.
  • East // Though certainly God is not with the Yankees or the BoSox, hard to vote against the evil empires.  I am going Yankees . . . ouch.
  • Wildcard // Redsox . . . ouch again, but the Los Angeles Angels of Wherever may sneak in.

National League

  • Oh I forgot, I do not acknowledge the National League.

My Baseball Memories:

  • I almost cried when Kirk Gibson hit . . . the . . . sniff, sniff, sorry I can’t go on.
  • Billy Beane is a GENIUS
  • Athletics Nation Blog is the place to be.
  • Ken Burns, "Baseball" is the AWESOME
  • I could live in Cooperstown.  Worth the price of a ticket!
  • Three years – 40 – I will head out to get schooled at A’s Fantasy Camp.
  • Hate is pretty strong, but I think even Jesus has a problem with the Yankees, Bosox and Giants.  At least that is what he told me.
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