Okay, so it is the day after Easter.  I am reveling in a the Sunday glow of good attendance, a great family meal and the overall reminder of the blessings of God.  this day I am enjoying a casual lunch at the Brickhouse Cafe when I observed the following incident.
I kid you not.

  1. Two guys eating their burgers and fries at a table across from me, I’ll call them "Eaters."
  2. Group of young hipsters waiting for their to go orders, I’ll call them "Waiters."
  3. Eater #1 and #2 finish their burgers and leave.
  4. Waiter #1 looks at the plate of Eater #1
  5. Waiter #1 grabs uneaten french fry off of said plate of Eater #1
  6. Waiter #2 looks horrified at what she just saw and says, "What the f@#!, that’s nasty!"
  7. Waiter #1 says, "What? It was right there!"

"It was right there." Let me echo Waiter #2, "What the f@#!"   THAT is the justification for eating something that other people have clearly been touching, people you don’t know, food that is not even good for you?  Now I am trying not to be a prude about food and such, and I am sure in the eyes of God, not a big deal, but in my world, come on!  It is one thing if survival comes into play or if you are a committed Freegan, but "It was right there" as the justification? My solidarity stops there. 

Note to self: Teach daughters not to eat food off of another person’s plate while waiting for their to go order, even if it is right there.

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