One of the sites that I hang out on is called Decently and In Order.  It gathers interesting news stories, produces podcasts, etc. all withing a Presbyterian Church (USA) context . . . yeah, hold your excitement.

A few days ago someone submitted a story about a church that is giving away a free iPod this Easter Sunday.  And while we are not ones to talk [See our 2007 postcard] my first reaction was, "This is clearly too much."  And while everyone has their lines, the dialog over at DAIO is really good.  The Youth Pastor from the church found the conversations via his Google Alerts and entered the conversations. 

If you have a moment, go on over the conversation and take a read.  Not only is there some helpful critique and reflection, but via this online network, some relationships have been formed and bridges built.  Good stuff for sure.

BTW: The above picture is NOT the iPod in question, just one of my favorite "Oh not they didn’t" images ever.

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