As most of you know we are an Oakland Athletics household.  We are pretty die-hard.  We hate – yes, about the only time we use that word in our home – the NY Yankees, Boston Red Sox and the Angels are quickly becoming pretty annoying.   It is not healthy, we know.  The fact that we wouldn’t have too hard of a time with our girls knowing the chant, “Yankees Suck!  Yankees Suck!” is witness to the unhealthiness of our A’s loyalty.  And lest you think it is just me, I believe Robin’s heckling at games is much more apt to get us jumped in the parking lot after the game 😉

Top 10 Reasons We Love the A’s

10) My Grandfather used to take me to games and A’s pride and class is all that and a $4 bag of peanuts;
9) Small market team that keeps on winning;
8) Krazy George and the origin of “The Wave” – Yes, cheesy now, but classic!
7) Bill “Holy Toledo” King was one of the best sports announcers ever;
 6) We still serve nachos with plastic cheese and canned jalapeños.  None of the snooty Sushi or gourmet food stand stuff.  Come on, this is BASEBALL!
5) Best Commercials for years [2004 Commercials] 4) We can still afford the luxury of Season Tickets (2nd Row Baby!)
3) Athletics Nation Blog – Simply Awesome
2) ONE WORD: Billy-Beane-Money-Ball
1) We’re not the Giants – oops, did I say that out loud ?!?!?!?

Let’s go Oakland!  Clap . . . Clap . . . Clap-Clap-Clap!


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