EPISODE V – What the?!?!?!?  Yes, pop culture filtered by
yours truly.  A waste of time?  The pulse of contemporary culture?
Nope, just weekly rant and reflection about the sites and sounds that
have stimulated my brain for good or bad, and now regurgitated for your
reading pleasure.

So . . . one more secret out of the bag, but I am a HUGE lover of musicals.  The cheesier and funnier the better!  Sondheim . . . way too smart for me, but give me Avenue Q or Rent and I am all about BROADWAY!  Robin and I have had the great luxury of seeing shows in a few cities.  This is a total indulgence on our part, we know, but such is life as American urbanite.

But before you scroll down and see mu list of favorites . . .

MYSTERY LINK // Click at Your Own Risk
No words to
influence your thoughts on this weekly link. Might be very cool or very
scary, you make the call!  This week’s link, h/t: solshine7. [CLICK HERE]

Now on to the show . . .

Hat Tip to Steph for reminding me of some of my favorite Musical Moments.  Here are just a few of my favorite musical highlights!

"Bui Doi" from Miss Saigon

"La Vie Boheme" from Rent movie version

"I’d Give My Life for You" from Miss Saigon

"Stars" from Les Miserable concert version

"I’ll Cover You: Reprise" from Rent [Movie Version]

"I Speak 6 Languages" from Putnam County Spelling Bee

"Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist" from Avenue Q

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