So not only does one get to generate some blog traffic via these silly blog tagging games, but you learn a little more about someone.

Tagged by Kairos . . . reinterpreted into "5 Things Jesus would say the world"

  1. TO PRESBYTERIANS – "Really, homosexuality? THAT’S where your energy is?  Why don’t you concentrate on training effect pastors and helping to nurture healthy communities?"
  2. TO THOSE WHO THINK THEY ARE EDGY – "You keep talking about being "out of the box thinkers" what in the name of me does that mean?!?!?  There is no box!"
  3. TO 3rd CHILD TODDLERS – "Yeah you’re cute, but do you REALLY think tantrums work?"
  4. TO THOSE WHO WISH TO CONTROL – "The friggin’ world is not clean, pure or without interruption – nor are you supposed to make it that way!"
  5. TO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE – "I am not a mascot, I am not American, I am not capitalist, I am not whatever what is convenient for me to be.  I am what I am.  Deal with it!"

Consider yourself tagged if you want.  I will be the buzz kill and end it here.

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