Okay, so I love to make new friends, keep up with old ones, occasionally use social networking for productive purposes, but basically just feel connected beyond the confines of geography, theology, politics, etc.  Is that so bad?!?!?  Web 2.0 really is not a bad word people!  Community will be community with all of the bumps and bruises along the way regardless if it is face-to-face or electronic.  In today’s day and age, especially where I work and serve, these two go hand in hand.  In fact, networking really does meet some basic human needs that for so long were able to ONLY be met with face-to-face contact.  Technology has just allowed us to meet these needs with a wider range of people not possible before.  And me like!

So let’s connect.  If you have some time, take a brwose through my various Social Networks and see if we connect anywhere else besides the normal places.

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