Sitting in a Ford service center customer lounge is quite the surreal experience.  Not sure what has given me more pause this AM or brought up more of my personal assumptions.

  1. THUMBS UP – There is free WiFi in a Ford service center customer lounge.
  2. THUMBS DOWN – Maury Povich’s "Who is the father of your baby?" is still freaking on and there is a weird fascination with the pain and trauma of others.  American has a friggin’ sick way of dealing with sexuality, privacy, emotions, etc.  I am sick to think that so much of this has to do with Christian Puritan roots.
  3. THUMBS DOWN – Maury dispenses relationship and parenting advice.
  4. THUMBS UP – I am posting a blog, while sitting in a Ford service center customer lounge with Maury Povich playing in the background, drinking coffee with fake creamer and also IM’ing with The Corner.  My world has been appropriately rocked.

Later all!

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