While am fully on board with the struggles between "going to" and "being" church, I believe  there is a valid place in one’s journey for the discipline of attending a regular gathering of people who are centered on God, Christ and the Spirit.

And while this seems obvious to some – this does not hold true for all pastors – I would go to the church I serve if I were looking for a church to attend.

Aside from the  fact that the pastor has way cool glasses, here is why I would choose to go to MBCC and why I think some folks do . . .

  • We really do try let folks know that we are just a bunch of Yahoos trying to figure things out like everyone else. Island of the misfit toys anyone? 
  • We think that Jesus would indeed appreciate our irreverence towards sacred cows that have become idols.
  • Even if your "filter" is missing, obtuse or you have just decided that filters are for losers, you are welcomed.
  • We embrace the ambiguity of life because of the opportunity it gives us to think, feel and live our way into our faith.
  • In the midst of the snarky, coffee-drinking, hipster-wannabe, not-sure-I-am-a-grown-up, cynical world of MBCC, at the core of our gathering is this urge to do and be something larger than ourselves and somehow, some way change the world.
  • BONUS: Jesus is at the center, all else is gravy and not all essential.

I would be interested to know if folks can come up with a list for their churches and faith communities.  Does it mean something if you can’t come up with 5 reason YOU would go to the church you serve?

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