Like Supervisor Ed Jew gives a rats patooti what I think, but who cares, it’s my blog!

Dear Supervisor Jew,

Greetings.  My name is Bruce Reyes-Chow and I am a lover of pretty much all things San Francisco.  I have lived here for about 20 years, went to school at SF State, have committed to raising my three children in The City and its public school system, have had both of my grown-up jobs here in SF and barring a major sign from God will die here in about 60 years.

As an Asian-American studies major and political/cultural hack, I also consider myself pretty engaged in issues around racism.  I also know that all of my knowledge about your current situation regarding your finances and residency has been gleaned from the media, personal blogs, etc.  Still, the reality is that you are a public official and I feel like I have done and am doing my due diligence to discover the truth and act accordingly.

So here is my beef.  While I firmly believe that institutional racism is alive and strong in this country, I do not believe that your particular predicament is driven by race.  Please do not play that card if for no other reason as it cheapens the reality of racism for those who are truly being affected by it.  Again,  I am not saying people are not racist, institutions are not racist and even here in SF racism does not show it’s ugly head.  What I am saying is that in this case, it does not make sense.

Here is what I have gleaned:
On your residency: Why haggle over what exactly "residency" means?  How can you consider yourself a resident if you are looking for the bare minimum amount of time to be considered.  Sure you can be a lover of San Francisco from Burlingame.  Now if you time is split pretty evenly, I might be able to cut some slack, but if you spend less time here than most traveling consultants do, you are not a resident.
On your finances: Seems to me that your public image has been tarnished by allegations and the appearance of inappropriate action.  Welcome to the public eye.  Part of your job is to be aware of perception, fair or not.

On more compassionate note, I can’t imagine the stress that this has put you and your family under.  For that I am sorry, but this public scrutiny is what was signed up for when you ran for office.  The best solution for this would be to get out of the public eye, admit your faults, come clean about whatever and move on.

Again, I am just one voice and not even from your district, but I offer this to you in the Spirit of the greater SF Community.


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