Calling all Austinites, Austinaires, Austiners . . . so what are you called?

But I digress.  So here is the deal.  In the fall a group of upstart – but darn fine looking – Presbyterian urban pastors will be visiting your fine city.  We gather once a year in some cool city for fellowship, study, food and beering.  You are bound to find out, but our apologies that San Antonio was visited before ya’ll, as was Las Vegas, San Francisco (2X), Boston, Miami and New Orleans.  Hey at least you beat Des Moines.

So there has been some planning, but it never hurts to find out more from folks.  Some of us will also be staying a few days after for some R&R.  We will be there beginning October 8th on.

So . . . if you can give us some tips of places that fit some or all of our needs below, it would be much appreciated.

  • Best places to hang?
  • Best beer joint?
  • Best restaurants?
  • Best coffee places?


Some folks/places already hoping to connect with . . .

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