EPISODE XII – What the?!?!?!?  Yes, pop culture filtered by
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Nope, just weekly rant and reflection about the sites and sounds that
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This week’s topic: Top 5 TV Characters for my Kids to Watch.
While our kids watch too much TV anyways and see enough crap on the tube, there are a few characters that I think are pretty positive. 

Mr. Rogers // Mr Rogers Neighborhood

Despite the absurd controversy about about Rev. Fred Rogers long-time children’s program, this is one that I feel does some of the best secular theologizing ever!  While I am a little disappointed that his seminary training and Presbyterian background are not mentioned on his PBS timeline, his modeling of a way that Christians can transform the world is evidence enough.  A couple great posts about Mr. Rogers, 7 Ways that Mr. Rogers Changed the World, 15 Reasons Mr. Rogers was the Best Neighbor Ever, and NPR Remembers Mr. Rogers.

Dr. Cliff Huxtable // The Cosby Show

Another one of those shows that is great to watch as a parent after watching it as a child. I think Dr. Huxtable was cool even when I identified with Theo more than Cliff.  Not only did Cosby change the way that African-American families were portrayed on mainstream TV, but he modeled how parents deal with the complexities and realities of parenting.  I often wonder if some of my parenting style come from Must See Thursdays.

Kermit the Frog // Sesame Street and The Muppet Show

I could actually put any of the characters up here as Jim Henson and company created a wonderfully imaginative world where being a good friend and being a good muppet always won out.  Kermit and crew have arguable impacted culture as much as any other entertainment phenomenon.  Dare I say the misfit gathering of characters is just like the church.  Hmmmm . .  . who ARE the two old guys in the balcony?  Lastly, when poking around, how could I NOT give some link love to Top 3 thing Kermit the From Can Teach You About Blogging (and life) – And remember, it’s not easy being green and someday we’ll find it!

Angela Chase // My So-Called Life

Played by Claire Danes – the best cryer in the world – this show was one of those that folks forget to watch in the early 90’s.  I thought the angst that was portrayed on this show was pretty real as you watch Angela deal with issues of friendship, body-image, parenting, family, love, etc.  It is odd to watch this now and identify with the parents as they watch their kids and their friends go through the pains of growing up.  Occasionally MTV will run a My So-Called Life marathon so set the Tivo the next time it is on.

Mork // Mork and Mindy

Okay this might be a weird one, but watch this show again and you will fall in love with the Happy Days spin-off character, Mork.  Robin Williams, the early years, was brilliant in poking fun at assumptions of culture and the world.  Plus darn funny that Mork was.  I remember laughing at the absurdity some of human practices as pointed out by Mork.  Plus, who can forget the rainbow suspenders, "Fly be free!" and the fact that Mork gave birth to Jonathan Winters.  Now THAT’S funny!

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