For those with whom I have talked with about this whole blogging thing, you know that I am a pretty big supporter of the Typepad blogging service by SF-based SixApart they also run Vox, LiveJournal and MoveableType.  With that said, I have also used Blogger and read many a blogs that were made using WordPress.

Since I know that everyone has different needs, wants, quirks, etc. and not every service will be great for every person, I would be interested to know why folks use each service and, if appropraite, why not others.

Here are couple quick thoughts about each to start some discussion.

BLOGGER If your soul is owned by Google like I am this might work for you.  Keep in mind that there is VERY little ability to be creative in the design.  I suspect this may change with Google’s purchase of Blogger, but who knows.  This was where I originally started blogging, but eventually felt like I wanted more ability to customize the design.  Would be interested to know from current Blogger users if this has indeed happened.  Upside is that this is FREE and integrates with your Google profile.

 – Seems like all the cool people use WordPress.  I always appreciate the designs of those using this platform – though I am starting to notice some common designs – AND it is free.  My sense from WordPress is that you do have to know some things about coding if you are going to use WordPress to the fullest.  I wonder if this would be too difficult for a tech-challenged person to use.  Combined with the fact that it is free, if you have some tech juice, this might be the one.

– My favorite mostly because of the ease of use and design capabilities.  As one who is not a traditional "coder" the user interface is pretty easy to understand, easy to install widgets, easy to pretty much do anything.  Typepad would accommodate the extreme beginner who does not want to tweak anything, but will allow for the eventual growth into increased customization.  This one does cost (about $90 for the year at the Plus Level) but it is worth it.  One can also just begin at the Basic Level which is about $50/year.  I do offer a disclaimer that if you do use TypePad with my referral, I get a referral bonus.  Still, this is what I use so have no trouble recommending it. 

I know there are many other services one can use, so apologies for those who are using MySpace, Xanga, Drupal, etc. for
their blogging platforms.  Feel free to offer your opinions as well. 

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