Yep, that is it.  My eldest offspring is holding her hot-off-the-presses copy of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.  As she returned from the midnight release party at Chapel Hill’s Market Street Books she insisted that I take a picture with her and the front AND back cover.  I dare say this is her Beatles and with all the possibilities out there, that is just fine.

These past few days of vacation have brought up some interesting thoughts.

On delayed gratification:  What’s that?  This is something that I have worked on for my WHOLE life.  I am sure some of it is personality, some is American culture in general and some is well, just stupid lack of impulse control.  And now, for good or bad, I am passing it on to my children.  We took her to see the latest Harry Potter movie on opening night, she has been to two midnight book releases and she was so excited that I extended bedtime to 2:00am this evening so she could start reading.  My hope/justification for all of this is that she will also develop some great memories around these events: parents involved in what she enjoys, connecting with folks across geographic/cultural boundaries, and oh yeah, excited about reading something.  And if for nothing else, I am just sitting here laughing on the inside as my baby girl sits engrossed in this book and the first few chapters producing many a ooo’s and ahhh’s as she reads.  A father’s heart filled with joy.

On networking: This trip is filled with reminders of why networking is so important and meaningful.

  1. Family Networks // So the reason that Evelyn was able to go to the book release gala this evening was because my cousin’s husband’s sister lives in Chapel Hill and said cousin remembered that we would be here on vacation.  So . . . after dinner at Mama Dip’s I left Ev in the care of Meg and crew for the evening while I returned to the hotel with the little ones.  Thanks Meg!
  2. Friendship Networks // This afternoon we met up with friend, colleague and another insane three-child family who also happened to be crossing through Chapel Hill on vacation.  The kids got together and played at Kidzu Children’s Museum and then ran around in the grass until all were petered out. Francis has always been an insightful and consistent friend indeed and I have appreciated consistency with which we have maintained connections.
  3. Church Connections // Tomorrow we are going to hang out with a couple of MBCC transplants who have found there way out to NC.  It will be good to reconnect and relive the wonderful uniqueness of our MBCC experience.  Of course, I will also ask if they are on the church search or not.

On Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

  • I can’t wait to read it! Ev should be done by tomorrow PM so I’ll have to take a break from Maupin’s Tales of City which is pretty darn good as well.
  • I predict Harry and Voldemort will die, or they might not, in which case I am betting Hermione plays some kind of surprise roll.  Then again, we may find out that Dumbledore is still alive and was actually Aunt Petunia’s ex college roommate’s mother’s spurned lover.
  • If this book is ruin by another spoiler like last time, I will be very very angry.  Whatever you do, do not type google Harry Potter Hallows spoiler.
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