[h/t: Progressive Involvement]

This is almost to painful to watch as three Christians disrupt a Hindu prayer in the Senate.

I offer this post for three reasons:

  1. To confess and acknowledge the corporate brokenness that is within the Christian community.  These folks may not see it the same way, but I see this not loving our neighbor as ourselves.
  2. To highlight a major difference in Christian thought about the Lordship of Christ.  For me and for the communities I am part of I believe that Jesus is THE way to be connected and reconciled to God.  For those who are on a different faith journey, Christ is A way and I will honor that journey and the ways that folks seek Truth.
  3. To challenge myself to hold these folks with whom I disagree in both theology and practice as brothers and sisters in Christ.  How I respond and engage must reflect my own understanding of the complexities of Christ and not just about proving others wrong.

Again, sorry.

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