[h/t: Ooh Shiny]

As many of you know, due to some health issues, I am not supposed to drink.  But . . . when I was drinkin’, I enjoyed a glass of red wine at the end of the day.  Good for the heart and soul I say.  I never really got to the point that I KNEW wine.  I had my favorite Trader Joe’s Faire, YellowTail Wines, loved V. Sattui’s  Madiera and knew that Turley truly was a party for the palette.

Still, I never developed any kind of true skill when thinking about wine.  As long as it doesn’t taste like vinegar, fill’er up!  I admit, I was a sucker for a creative name, good label, curvy bottle and decent price. So imagine my disappointment when I saw this and realized that I can’t sample the wares over at Woop Woop Wines.  My hands raise the roof just thinking about it.  Oh well . . .

Also for those that actually want to keep up with actually wine folks, click on over the blogs  wineministry and/or my wine education.

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