Like journaling or any other spiritual/pastoral practice, consistent blog posting can be difficult.  There are some general guidelines for avoiding posting block like Rohit’s post  How to find time to blog (when it is not your day job) or Maartje’s post How to kill writer’s block in 10 easy steps, but sometimes it is just a lack of ideas.

Problem solved, at least as much I as believe is problem-solving.

While doing some blog wandering I stumbled upon I Help You Blog’s post 101 Great Posting Ideas that Will Make Your Blog Sizzle so between that list, Seth Godin’s snarky post, How to get traffic to your blog and my list below, you have gotta be able to find something.

LINK LOVE OFFER – see the end of this post. 

So here are 101 post ideas that would be good for pastors, church leaders, random church yahoos, etc.  These are both general and specific and, of course, are extremely contextual.  Again if you find something and want some link love, let me know.

Write a post . . .

  1. that explains why you blog
  2. top ten list of best [insert topic here]
  3. where you reflect on some "pop culture"
  4. where you weigh in on a political issue
  5. that shares your favorite biblical passage
  6. where you share your personal spiritual disciplines
  7. about the things in the church that bring you frustration
  8. that explains why you are a Christian
  9. where you recognize an local effect mission/service group
  10. where you compare/contrast evolution, creationism and intelligent design
  11. that publicizes a local church event
  12. about influential people on your spiritual walk
  13. where you reflect on racism and the church
  14. that shares how you think the Bible should be read
  15. that lists your favorite [insert topic here]
  16. where you list five random people you would invite to dinner and why
  17. that reflects upon Emergent, emerging or postmodern church
  18. where you share an example of how you have changed theologically
  19. that lists what your church is AWESOME
  20. that lists what needs to change about your church
  21. where you share tips for [insert topic here]
  22. that outlines your theological position on homosexuality
  23. that thanks a volunteer in your church
  24. where you reflect on current youth culture
  25. where you share something totally random about yourself
  26. that answers a questions someone may have about God
  27. that talks about what "dress codes" in church
  28. about your seminary
  29. that critiques a theological position
  30. that explains your understanding of prayer
  31. that reflects on your favorite hymn
  32. about a way you noticed a wonder of God
  33. where you explains your understanding of "Evangelism"
  34. that has a list of links about certain theme
  35. where you share about the Biblical character you are most like
  36. that talks about how to respond to homelessness
  37. where you share a sermon series
  38. that lifts up your theological position on something and then you provide the arguments against it.
  39. where you dream about [insert topic here]
  40. that publicizes a global mission opportunity or cause
  41. that lists movies that have some spiritual value
  42. where you review a church online resource
  43. that publicizes a national church event
  44. where you explain your understanding of prayer
  45. talks about your greatest fear
  46. where you explain your irrational love of [insert passion here]
  47. that takes a poll of people
  48. that explains a theological concept
  49. top ten list of worst [insert topic here]
  50. about evil, suffering and/or sin
  51. that explains why you are on Facebook
  52. that recognizes a colleague in ministry
  53. about technology and the church
  54. that publicizes a local community event
  55. where you explain the differences in Bible translations
  56. that critiques your own sermon
  57. about parenting
  58. where you explain your understanding of Jesus
  59. where you reflect on something you overheard
  60. that talks about a formative event in your
  61. that tells about your childhood
  62. that talks about work, jobs and call
  63. about your favorite book of the Bible
  64. that has a prayer for a certain topic
  65. that gives your understanding of "community"
  66. that talks about music in worship
  67. that has a list of things you want to do during your life
  68. where you explain your understanding of God
  69. where you a list of worship resources
  70. that tells about something funny that happened
  71. where you reflect on a current issue
  72. that lists books that have some spiritual value
  73. where you recognize an global effect mission/service group
  74. where you explain your understanding of Baptism
  75. that tells about about the last time you heard "that still small voice"
  76. that explains why you do something that you always do
  77. where you share your favorite parable
  78. that explains your understanding of separation of church and state
  79. where you reflect on sexism and the church
  80. that explains your process of sermon writing
  81. where you share a favorite parable
  82. that lists ways for folks to get involved in church
  83. that talks about the struggles of pastoring
  84. where you ask for input on a project
  85. that reflects on your favorite contemporary church/praise song
  86. where you share an embarrassing worship moment
  87. that talks about the joys of pastoring
  88. where you review a local non-church business or organization
  89. that explains why you believe that [insert topic here]
  90. where you explain your understanding of the Holy Spirit
  91. explains the difference between your religious tradition and another
  92. that lists your "wishes" for the church
  93. where you review a church educational curriculum
  94. that lists TV shows that have some spiritual value
  95. where you explain your understanding of Communion
  96. that talks about the value of [insert topic here]
  97. where you talk about getting older
  98. where you review a book
  99. that explains what it means to be [insert denomination here]
  100. about what you had for a meal, but it better be interesting 😉
  101. that has your own #101 ideas list

LINK LOVE OFFER – I Help You Blog also offered a cool idea that I will liberate.  If AFTER you read this
blog, you come up with a great posting example for one of the 101 ideas, email me the permalink [breyeschow at gmail dot com] and
the idea # and I’ll periodically update the list with the links and post a regular list of submissions.

Link Guidelines

  • Your post must include two links: one to my general blog and another to this post.
    ex: After reading Bruce Reyes-Chow’s post, 101 Blog posting ideas for pastors and other church geeks . . .
  • Your post must be appropriate, which is very wide for me, but aim for PG-13 or lower.
  • Your posting must be published AFTER the date of this post;
  • Your post must be at least 250 words;
  • Each submitted post will only be linked to one of the post ideas; you can however submit multiple posts for different ideas.
  • I do reserve the right to NOT post your link for any reason, it is my blog after all 😉
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