So . . . I get really frustrated when time and time again I get caught up in the procrastination, inefficiency and lack of focus of others.  "Get your CRAP together.  Get it done. Move on. " I think in my head.  Once, sure something can happen, twice, maybe, but over and freakin’ over again?!?!? WTHeck 😉

I am sure that I have lost years off of my life stressing about this stuff.  I admit, I often have unrealistic expectations of myself and others and get my sense of self-worth often from how others perceive how effective and accomplished I am.  And while I still think it is OK to have high expectation for one’s life I have been trying to work on not getting all that stressed about it when things don’t quite work out or someone else’s way of doing things just do not jive with mine.

So in order to not add more name to my "Picking up sand with tweezers would be more efficient than anything you do" list here are a few approaches that I am REALLY trying to integrate into my life.

  • People do things differently in different contexts;
  • I will embrace my own personal sense of work style and focus;
  • The way I thought it would work best, might not always be the best or right way;
  • I do have a right to get frustrated when someone’s lack of prep effects my primary work or is inconsiderate;
  • I will help out on occasion, but do not expect it every time and I will not feel guilty when I do not, even if it pisses the person off;
  • I will still have high expectations of people, but try not to be unreasonable;
  • I will allow things to "fail"

Lastly and I think the most important things for me – and other with my problem – is that I can’t feel better than or superior to those whom I differ when it comes to "getting things done" or how hard or focused their work is.  God does not love one work style over and above another . . . darn.

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