Photo_26Yes, we are either the coolest parents in the world or just couple of idiots not able to deny our dear sweet child the opening night experience of her favorite book and movie series. 

With the two little ones away we have taken full advantage of summer break and a child obsessed.  That’s right we are sitting in line FOUR HOURS early for the 12:01am showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  Now before you start hating, just remember the times you waited in line for say, Star Wars or Spice World. – Ooops was that out loud?!?!?!? – In any case, we should get some multi-task credit here since both Robin and I have our laptops – BTW the Metreon Wi-Fi is week on the 3rd floor – and we are getting some work done.  After all, did i mention that we are here FOUR HOURS EARLY?!?!?

Ev is so excited, people are dressed up and hope and good cheer are oozing from the HP geekdom here on Opening Night.   We’re making memories!

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