What the HECK!  I would like to use stronger language.

Why does it seems like the only people talking about the hostages in Afghanistan are Asian American folks? That is probably not totally fair, but I think the post Silence in the Godblogosphere is deafening tells the truth as these Korean Christian missionaries have been held captive for now 11 days with two having been confirmed killed.  Michelle Malkin is writing and there are a handful of others who have blogged, but the mainstream media has been noticeably silent.

This story is HEART-BREAKING on so many levels and thanks to Eugene Cho we are getting some serious info.  Thanks Eugene.  But we should be ashamed at the lack uproar and support from the church.

Is this the time to questions why?  Is it because they are not American, probably.  Does the whole Christian thing make it complicated, sure.  Are there other atrocities being ignored every day, of course.  But still, this should be bigger than it is.  Would the same silence be had if it were a British or Canadian group?  It seems like the same old thing again, not American, not sexy, not enough juice.  Is it that the media doesn’t believe that this story would sell papers and if that is true we as a society officially do just suck.

So . . . in your church, on your blog, in your conversations, we must life up our prayers, at least keep these folks in the front of our minds as to not forget what they have done in the name of their faith.

DJ Chuang has a much less ranty reflection with some great resources, but if you really want to keep up with what is going on subscribe to Eugene’s blog.

To keep up with what is going on you can continue to read the tidbit from US media outlets, or check out the in depth commentary and up-to-date happenings on English versions of the Korean papers: Chosun Ilbo or Hankyoreh.

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