Not sure why I am on this kick about our SF Supervisors, but I am.  Even more unsure if I want to engage any of the Daly supporters who will no doubt find this post and offer reason why I am a effing idiot.  Oh well, life is fun in San Francisco.

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So here is the thing.  Most of my issues with Supervisor Daly have to do with his behavior and tactics, not necessarily his content or beliefs.  For those non-SF’ers out there lets just say that Daly is pretty in-your-face, I think borderline abusive and has lead to screaming matches, physical altercations and a general "love him or hate him" aura.   The questions is, "is this right?"  Why bash a guy just because you do not like his personality and tactics?  The short answer is because he models a pattern of behavior and interaction that is NOT what I want my children to see or think is appropriate in a room full of grown-ups.  Now I am not talking about false politics or being fake, but I am talking about civility in the face of conflict. 

While I do think that he is being honest to who he is and there is a place for the activists to continue to raise issues that the mainstream population may not always be aware of, I think he has squandered great opportunities for change with his street activist tactics on the Board of Supervisors.  Heck, he was the chair of the budget committee.  Can anyone say power and authority?  And look what happened . . . his ally, Aaron Peskin, had to remove him.  How bad did it have to get for this to happen?

I guess my biggest issue really does have to do with how he handles conflict and disagreement.  While he may choose to raise his child modeling what I think is behavior that is destructive to building community and maintaining healthy relationships, this does not mesh with how I would want my children to act when faced with situations of disagreement.  Righteous indignation aside, I expect my children to act respectful towards those who they may not even like as this is how they would also expect to be treated.  I do not expect them to be false, fake or submissive, just respectful and appropriate.  And when they are called to step up and act, I hope that they will be strategic in their actions so the very injustices that they hope to fight have a chance to be defeated.

He does add some color to SF politics, but shouldn’t he be more than that?   I am sure he would not want to be what I am afraid he is becoming to so many of us that for the most part would be in his camp except for his behavior . . . not to be taken seriously. 

In the end, I hope that Daly continues to raise issues of poverty and injustice that happen even in the best of cities like San Francisco.  He clearly has a heart for those who do not have many who speak for them and that is one trait that he should be proud of. 

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