Seems like every conversation last week had some component of "So Bruce, are you going to get an iPhone?" in it.  Now I fully admit I have an unhealthy love for my MackBook and I am a card carrying member of the Mac Cult, but for some reason(s) the iPhone just doesn’t yank my apple.

Here are a couple reasons:

  1. $500 freaking dollars.  Yes, yes, as a over-consuming American, where do I get off diggin’ on the cost?  Because if I had $500+ bucks of play money, I would send my booty to Hawaii.
  2. I already have a loptop. And despite the conventional wisdom that I NEVER unplug, I do when I am not in front of my ‘puter.  I don’t have a crackberry or  palm device, my phone rarely gets used for anything other than the whole talking thing and well, I do like to unplug sometimes.
  3. Sprint owns me. *sigh*

Now of course, I may change my mind later, especially if the cost comes down, AT&T decides to play nice, and the bugs are worked out, but until that day, I will remain a mobile phone luddite.

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