Class of ’87, wow! 

Yes, about 20 years ago I graduated from the Academy of Math Science and Engineering at Luther Burbak High School in Sacramento California.  I am part of the planning committee for our 20th Reunion taking place in September and it has been quite interesting reconnecting with folks.

I went to our 10th and it was wonderful.  Our class was pretty tight and with so many folks who’s lives were cut short, there was a real sense of rejoicing that those where were there are still alive, doing well and is many ways thriving.

As part of the cheese, we fill out this survey, always worth a chuckle.

  1. Hobbies?
    Motorcycle riding, blogging, softball, reading,
  2. What is something interesting that has happened in your life since we graduated?
    Other getting married right out of high school, moving to San Francisco, getting arrested at at peace rallies, having three kids and working for Jesus . . . not much 😉
  3. What is your current occupation?
    Pastor at Mission Bay Community Church in San Francisco
  4. When you were in high school, what did you plan to be when you grew up?
  5. What was your favorite TV Show in the 80’s?
    The Cosby Show
  6. Who were your favorite musical artists/bands in the 80’s?
    Lakeside, Con Funk Shun, Dazz Band, New Edition, Earth Wind and Fire, Beastie Boys, KRS 1
  7. What is your favorite high school memory?
    Open lunch and Der Weinerschnitzel and cutting school to play pool at The Jointed Cue
  8. What is your worst high school memory?
    How Burbank was portrayed as a center of violence, regardless of the truth
  9. Who was your favorite teacher?
    Pretty much liked them all.
  10. Who did you date at Luther Burbank?
    Tina C., Imogen F., Annoel Y.
  11. Who was your best friend in high school?
    Kevin T., Craig P., Eric J. and Jason V.
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