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THIS WEEK // My Top 10 Facebook Applications

Okay . . . so clearly I am pro-Facebook.  Not "Tattoo it on my backside" pro-facebook, but I like it.  I know many of you are sick and tired of hearing about "Facebook this . . ."and "Facebook that . . ."  Sorry that people can be so obnoxious, I try not to be be one of those.   But if you still don’t get it, sue me, because I LOVE Facebook even with all the elistist-ness that is has to offer 😉  It is where many of my friends are.  MySpace may be more grassroots, but way too busy for my tastes and since I am not big into indie music, or meeting "a nice college girl who want to be friends and has pictures to share" it’s FB for me.  Plus there are way more old people here on FB.

So here are my Top 10 Applications in no particular order and based on nothing more than I LIKE THEM.

Causes – Because geeks care too.

Friend Wheel – Because it is very cool to see how connected one’s network is . . . or isolated as the case may be.

Superlatives – Because if the community says you are most likely to Be a Badass for Life . . .

ZuPort – Because Flickr also ROCKS!

My Questions – Because inquiring minds want to know.

Happy Hour – Who doesn’t want to be able to send their pastor a Jager Bomb.

The Compass – Just in case you forget what you think.

Flixter NEMQ – Because there is a lot of movie crap stored in that brain of yours.

Superpoke – Because everyone needs a cow thrown at them at least once.

And finally . . . the only one that I will grovel for . . .

Schrute Bucks – Because this was one of the funniest Office episodes EVER.

So there you have it!  Hope every one is having a grand FB day.  And if you have not friended me, please feel free RIGHT HERE, but it will cost you a Schrute Buck.

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