While at Montreat last month I had the privilege of connecting with that wild and crazy crew from Decently and In Order.  DAIO is pretty cool site run by a few snarky Presbyterian pastors with too much time on their hands that help us keep up with some important new and events.

Usually they have a monthly podcast where they pick a few of the month’s most interesting articles and pontificate a little.  Since there were enough folks who were there in person the first ever VODcast because a reality.  I must say, not too back for a low-production production . . . aside from the music randomly playing in the middle of the VODcast.

This cast we covered things such as Blogging, PodCasting, Young Adult Moderator and a few random other topics.

Must say that the Snowball Microphone did a pretty good job and picking up five voices.

Decently and In Order Main Site
Decently and In Order Podcast

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