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So . . . putting out the word to my blog friends to help spread the word about MBCC’s current facilities situation.

As many of you know MBCC has been meeting is a very cool space in San Francisco since November of 2006.  Our seventh location, the space has provided us with a greater sense of stability and grounding.  As part of the plan to help cover the rent of our space, we have started a Venue Service as well as taken on one subtenant.  We are hoping to stop the venue services and shift staffing energy to things like, hmmmm, ministry . . .  by taking on another subtenant.

Last month we were in serious conversations with an additional sub-tenant to help offset our ginormous lease and allow us to shift some staff energy away from the task of recruiting and staffing one-up events.  Unfortunately that subtenant did not work out so we are again faced with some tight budgetary realities both short and long term.  While we will still try to arrange events in our space with some of our main event planners, it is our hope to  bring in an additional renter who could both utilize our space and if at all possible, be connected to the community.

We are posting on Craiglist and continue to keep our ears to the ground, but if anyone out there knows of a group or two that might be willing and interested in having some conversations, please let me know.  We are extremely flexible in terms of building use time, office, storage, etc. so all inquiries are welcome.

An ideal tenant would need a gathering space during weekday hours, but again, we are pretty open to all possibilities. 

While we LOVE the space and it has been an important factor in our growth and identity, the church is not the space.  At the same time, this does not mean that we are looking at relocating, but only that we are being prudent in regards to how we spend our energies between ministry and property management.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a note.

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